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The  finest percussionists from three continents encounter each other in the World Percussion Ensemble.

The charismatic master of Japanese Taiko drumming Takuya Taniguchi, the Brazilian magician of percussion Marco Lobo and the enchanted singer and percussionist Njamy Sitson from Cameroon perform alongside European piano master and composer Walter Lang and Bass virtuoso Peter Cudek.

The traditional musical heritage introduced by each percussionist is being carefully and passionately transformed by this unique ensemble into a new style that may rightly be called “One World Music”.

The fascination of this unparalleled musical adventure stems from the exciting and colorful performance and highly vibrant music of the World Percussion Ensemble


                             Walter Lang                     Takuya Taniguchi            Njamy Sitson                         Marco Lobo                      Peter Cudek                      

Photo by Marcella Merk

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